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Skulptura koja krade arhitekturu


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Zadužbina Andrejević






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Stolen Architecture


     This book reveals author’s effort to enlighten some of his earlier studies in a new perspective (master study about art in public spaces, with spatial concern on architecture and sculpture works). “Architecture in the expanded field”, an innovating phrase, is requested to be embraced as the new category for classification in art. Author is introducing only one part of expanded field of architecture, with a comment note that every detail and further elaborations of the field is left to be searched.

      In accordance to Nicolas Bourriaud’s “relational theories”, every completed and presented art work initialize complex and endless system of relations and dialogs, pointed toward consumers. In his book “History of Art”, H.W. Janson is pointed that artists through creation process are fulfilling need for consumers, although consumers can be a category consisted of no more than one or two members.

     The chapter called “Dilemma” comprises art works, both sculptures and buildings (as a paradigmatic term for an architecture work), that according to consumer first senses exclusively, could be classified diversely (a building to be sensed as a sculpture or otherwise). The author is proposing a chart which systematizes level of individual senses for sculptural and architectural attributes, regarding to eight selected examples.


       Finally, one of the major subjects of this study is the (inner) relation between extended fields of sculpture and architecture. Chapter, named “The Six Terms”, presents author’s self-composed typology, which shows art works located in intersect part of the expanded fields of architecture and sculpture.


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